DentalColors® was founded in 2014 by dentist William Ankone. Not satisfied with certain products and procedures he invented CariO™ and PlaQ™. Two disposable products that will simplify daily routine by making caries and dental plaque detection much easier, cleaner and hygienic.

DentalColors is focused on the development of innovating dental products. New concepts and ideas that will improve oral healthcare globally. Dedicated products for professionals in the centre of dentistry.

DentalColors® is a registered trademark of DentalColors BV, The Netherlands.  CariO™ and PlaQ™ are patented and patent pending products with registered design (modèle déposé). Our applicators are state of the art and unique. Like the Brussy™ XL macro-applicators. All products are color-coded for convenience and very ease to use. Because you care.